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Ämne: Swedish papers legal?

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    Swedish papers legal?

    Hej Sverige.

    I just bought a set of Swedish registration papers. "Avställt" in 1990. I have both a "Rapportdel" and a "Fordonsdel"

    Previus owner "Mothers Cycleshop V Frölunda" Both papers are light blue.

    I got vorried as I tryed googleing the registretions nr:PCW 776-3 and found out it was found on a viechle in sweden.

    Is it possible that the registrations nr will go to annother car or motorcycle if it is "avställt"


    Anders Danmark

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    No it's just temporary

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    And the colour of the papers is right too? I saw on Gogle that present papers are yellow and blue.

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    Mar 2013
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    Hej Anders!
    Står der nogle tekniske data på papirerne, og har den nogensinde väret i trafik?

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    That is a red 1999 Volvo. It is not "Avställt", now it is "Avregistrerat". It means that the car has been sold to a wrecking yard to be crushed.

    Yes if a vehicle is crushed or gone by other means the registration numbers can later be used for another vehicle. Before 1990 it might have been something else than a red Volvo.
    Unless you have the rest of the car I doubt that you can use the documents in Denmark. What does your document say?

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    It says Harley Davidson , MC 1970, Modelcode HD0000, Flerfärgad, Framenr:1A119415H0, Avställt - Tekniska data saknas Importerat, Ej avgiftsfritt (ospec)

    Thanks for your replys Guys. If it is a total damaged bike then it also is out of the swedish system I guess, or could one of you check that out for me too?

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    When was the documents issued?

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    It says : "Utfrdsdatum: 900326" Should be 26th of march 1990 right?

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    26th of march 1990 the bike was put on "avställd" (reported as not in traffic). Some time thereafter the bike was either exported, stolen or de-registered (crushed / dismanteled). 1999 the registration number was issued to a Volvo V40 that was recently de-registered and crushed. The only thing that the documents show is that the motorcycle was registered in Sweden 24 years ago and havn't existed for at least 15 years, probably longer.

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    So I guess I am good if the bike was exported to Denmark at that datum.

    Thanks for your help

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    Good for what, what are your intention with those documents? Do you have the rest of the bike or at least the frame with the corresponding frame number?

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