Visa fullständig version : New guy from US

2011-03-01, 23:23
One of the admins here saw my comic strip posted at a US harley forum and invited me here to share my work. Pretty cool, really, and I appreciate it.

I have had the same shovelhead for over 20 years and have been doing the comic strip for just over a year, which is lots of fun. I run new strips on my site every Monday and Thursdays. by the end of 2011 I hope to be up to three strips each week.


2011-03-02, 00:17
Very welcome Rob! Happy to follow you comic strip here! Any pictures of the Shovel you might want to share with us?!? ;)

2011-03-25, 21:15
Welcom bro. hope you´ll enjoy it here!

2011-03-26, 23:45
Welcome mate... enjoy your stay thb;